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Maja. This is a Vampire Diaries blog. After avoiding this fandom for 3 years I had a mental breakdown and decided to torture myself by completely immersing in it. Enjoy my downward spiral.
Hi! I miss you :))

I miss you toooooooooo. <3

(probably everybody else here forgot me tbh)

where are you?

First of all, shocked somebody cares enough to ask! So kisses to whoever this is. :*

The smartass answer is that I’m in Lisbon rn. :) I’m on exchange for one semester and things are pretty crazy. In case anyone is insane enough to miss me I really do intend to catch up with TVD at some point and come back when things settle down irl (doubtful about The Originals though).

Miss you all! xo

 Jogging at Piedmont Park, Atlanta - 7.31.13

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"This is not death… but love, transcended".
 - @paulwesley, June 17, 2013 (x)

@iansomerhalder: Happy Birthday to my brother @paulwesley birthday a bit buddy for a drink and a smile”
July 23, 2013

@1PhoebeJTonkin: Happy bday Wesley you were so great on the OC thanks for sticking up for Ryan ps instagram.com/p/cIrxIim2n9/

The reaction of their co-actors tho when Ian tells Paul that he doesn't bring any nuances to his acting? Candice Accola looks like she's about to cut him lmao. Couldn't be more passive agressive if she tried. I don't blame her tho. I feel like she's stuck in the middle after the down-turn tvd has taken (and not to mention after Nian's break up)...

Haha, right? I just really think they’re all (or most of them) honestly so done with everything. Like personally Paul seemed to be even more over everything than usual and that’s saying something, I don’t know how he and some of the other cast will last another season or two?

As for Candice, some people said there’s an additional weird vibe between Kat and Nina since the ~Nian breakup drama~ so that’s another middle she’s stuck in. I feel bad for her but she obviously knows how to handle herself, especially because she’s not a straight out shit talker yet she still manages to express her thoughts on things she likes or doesn’t like.

For all of the cast I really am crossing my fingers the show ends next season, I don’t see why and how they’ll prolong the bullshit.


"Oh no, I love working with you. I love you. I do love you."